Friday, March 23, 2012

Plan to Reuse!

With Easter just around the corner I have been gather ideas for this years celebration. I hope we can have an outdoor gathering and I love the use of grass.

I first fell in LOVE  with the real thing last year while over at Pizzazzerie .


However, and unfortunately I have to travel to a funeral the week before Easter. Knowing how my days will be effected by this, and as usual to not allow my state of mind to effect the “Grands”, preplanning is essential. My one concern was leaving the grass untended. If I decided to go this route, I am going to need a back up plan.




I found these tissue type things at Amazon and thought okay, these could work for a center piece I guess. Not sure how they would hold up though. I would need at least 4 for the centerpiece and at under $4 a square, it could be an inexpensive back up plan.




Then there is the option of fake turf. Have you seen what’s out there lately? We have checked into it for a pool area and once the patio construction is completed it will be what goes down so to never mow around or have grass trimming in the pool.

Now I know what I will  be doing with the remnants. No way will they be leaving my house! I have a plan.


I get an idea for something and it seems to go, or shall I say grow from something simple to something almost over the top every time.

Why? Because my mind is taking what is happening now and seeing if anything we need now can be reused later. I hate wasting money! I love certain looks but am no fool to pay $100 of dollars for something I can create for pennies on the dollar. Sure it might not be perfect like some designer did  it, but the kids, they really don’t know the difference. It looks like a million gazillion dollars were spent!

Yes, I LOVE the real grass idea. Rather you plant fresh, buy the expensive type or the roll at Walmart, the possibilities are endless. And the fake stuff can be used over and over and over again.

You’ll have to wait till after Easter to see how my tables turned out.


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