Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas is coming

Since 2005 I have been designing and printing my own Christmas cards.  The past few years I have used digital scrapbooking supplies and a digital picture to try and top last year's card.

2005 - We Wish You a Merry Kissmas
Printed at home with a scanned photo of the kids, then mounted on cardstock.
2006 -
Printed at Walgreen's it- took 3 times to get it not cut off wording on the edges.
2007 – This was the first year I used Shutterfly it print my Christmas cards and I loved the results.

2008 - Our first "family" Christmas card with Bill.  We were not officially engaged yet, but I was wishing and hoping it would be happening soon in preparation for our September 2009 wedding.

2009 - Printed with Shutterfly again. I originally made a card with black and white photos of the kids and us from the wedding, but when they arrived from Shutterfly the pictures were too dark.  The fabulous customer service at Shutterfly helped me and I was able to upload a 2nd design with photos of just the kids that looked much better.2009xmascard copy

This year we are excited to announce that our Christmas card will be sharing the news of a new addition that is on the way!


My computer time at home is more limited with this new addition taking a lot of my extra energy, so instead of making a card from scratch I am trying to decide on one of the Holiday Photo Cards from Shutterfly.  I love the new 5x5 Holiday cards that they have this year, and it is something new and different that I haven’t done before:

I also like that they have folded Christmas Cards that they will print on the inside of the card as well.  These are some of my favorite folded cards:

In addition to my Christmas cards, I am planning to have my 2011 calendars printed at Shutterfly too.  I made one for 2008 and loved the quality and everyone loved them!

I was already planning on using Shutterfly this year, but when I found out that Shutterfly was offering bloggers 50 free cards, I took the time to put this post together and show off my past cards.

 Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:


Jane and Lou said...

Hi girls - I just followed your blog and sent you a friend request on CPN Elizabeth:) You can come visit me @ All the best, Jane:)

PartyMom said...

Congratulations on the big news! That said, I think the saying on the last card (We are counting our blessings and wishing you a miraculous Holiday Season) is most appropriate. I'm sure that whatever you choose will be beautiful!

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