Friday, October 22, 2010

Missing in Action!


Sorry we haven’t posted in a while…life in our neck of the desert has been busy!

It began with the birth of this little girl on October 3rd.


misc 032ed

And …

misc 206ed

And ours!


All the cousins got to meet her the following weekend and it was 4 fun-filled days of memories and partying.

They put on puppet shows, complete with popcorn…

misc 043ed

It was full of sushi making…dress ups…riding bikes…swimming…park visits…and family meals unlimited! All around it was the best 4 days that will be remembered by all!

We have also been busy making treats and decorating for our upcoming Halloween Boo Bash!


Since I have been a bit under the weather as well, I haven’t been clicking away with the camera so pictures will have to wait till it is all put together. With the antibiotics doing their job, the last couple of days have been even more productive.

With a 25th Birthday Concert here tomorrow I am glad to be feeling better and we will capture the event for you all to check out.

Stay tune, there will be even more happening next week as the final touches unfold for our bash!



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