Saturday, August 14, 2010

Help Kate, Help You!

Months ago my mom linked me to a party she like on a blog. I loved the ideas and started browsing the site reading about more parties, and clicking on links to OTHER party blogs, and so on and so on. My "Party" catagory on my Google Reader now has exploded and I get great eye candy whenever I have time to go through all the blogs that I have piled up. It is also what inspired me to post about our parties on this blog!

Had I not waited till this weekend to play catch up on my blog reading I am sure that I would have seen the blog posts on Kate Landers Events about her Big Giveaway. You see, Kate did a stunning Woodland Fairy Birthday a month ago. I would LOVE some tutorials on how she put together this party. That is where YOU can help. Katie is running a 2 week giveaway and it ends Monday, August 16th at 11:59pm EST! YIKES, that's tonight!

SO ... hurry over to Kate Lander's Events and enter the Big Giveaway and become a fan on Facebook.

(p.s. Two Kids and a Party has a Facebook page there as well that we would love you to join too.)

What are you waiting for!?!?!

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