Saturday, August 14, 2010

Parties from the Past: Rocker Girl

For her 5th birthday our little Princess decided it was time to rock out, so her 5th birthday was a Rocker Girl party. We took a 1950’s rock n’ roll color scheme of pink, black and white and added some Hannah Montana purple and the empty room turned into a rockin party place. Amber made the custom rock themed invitation

Backstage Pass Invitation

We set the table and added the music notes and star sunglasses. Amber made the adorable pink guitar cake from a DIY article in Family Fun.

rocker girl table

Once again made a banner and used Dollar Store tablecloths to transform the corner into a stage. The walls didn’t match our decor so we hung the black plastic tablecloths so it really gave the atmosphere of a stage.

rock star party stage
Amber bought a guitar piñata and the kids had a blast trying to break it open.
guitar pinata
rock n roll pinata
The craft that we made with the kids were microphones. We used half circles of Styrofoam from the Dollar Store and the kids wrapped them in aluminum foil. Grandpa cut sections of PVC pipe and painted them black before the party. Then an adult helped hot glue the 2 pieces together.
diy craft microphone
Then we played music and the kids all rocked out on stage wearing their star glasses.
kids karaoke
Our final game before opening presents was music chairs, by request of the birthday girl. The party was a blast and the kids all had a rocking good time.


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Melinda said...

Hi there!

I am your newest follower, and already a huge fan! I love this party scene. AWESOME!! I thrive when its time to plan a party, and someday I hope to start my own business in event planning!

Seeya again soon!!

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