Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Wedding: Lighting the night

I had read MANY blogs about outdoor, backyard, home and park weddings. One thing that I knew would be key was lighting. My parent's and I had discussed different ideas over the last 6 months. Now it was time to put those plans into practice. The first area to get lights was the patio. It got a simple strand of white Christmas lights along the edge. These went up the weekend before the wedding.

After the tents were up on Thursday and the sun had come up the guys started lighting the inside of the tents. Again, they are just white Christmas lights that we already owned.

Next to go up with the chinese lanterns with the throwies that I had made. This DIY project got a little assistance from my Dad and his Cousin (the electrician) They wanted to use cable to put up the lanterns, but mom & I held firm to the fishing line. They did have to make some adjustments to my throwies though. The first time they put them up we didn't get a lot of light from them.

So the next morning while my Dad was out doing some last minute errands they went and bought some clothespins to help hold the LED wires onto the battery so they would have a stronger connection. This worked much better than my tape, I will admit. The night of the wedding they had the perfect glow:

(You can see the blue glow in the lanterns AND the lighting in the tents in this photo)

The last minute addition to the lighting was actually because some of the lanterns didn't stay on the fishing line and we didn't have time to put them back up. They used some of the taller shepard hooks and attached the lanterns to them and just rearranged the mason jars on the other hooks.

The only lighting that didn't happen was my luminaries. We had purchased white paper bags and they were supposed to line the driveway/walkway from the parking area up to the house. It was probably needed, but with the slightly windy conditions it was making set up difficult, so they did not get set out. Now I have about 500 white paper bags for all future birthday parties, class parties and probably even Christmas LOL.

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