Friday, October 2, 2009

Countdown: The assembly begin

Now that the tents were up, the lawn was mowed and I had my toe nails done .. it was time to start assembing the last minute details prior to setting up and decorating on Friday and Saturday.

My girls showed up to help and we started getting as much done as possible. We started with assembling the lanterns and putting the throwies into them.

Then we finished up the mason jars. I used the basic steps from previous tutorials I had seen on Weddingbee. No re-inventing the wheel for me LOL. The only slight difference with the wired twine that my mom found at Michael's. Half the jars got tea-lights the other half got sunflowers.

While working on the above projects we also were doing dishwasher loads full of goblets, beer pilsners and champange flutes. We had been buying them at the Dollar Store all summer and storing them, but they had to get washed up before our guests could use them.

Once they got washed we separated everything into boxes. There was one box for each table. The box was marked with the seating chart for the table. It had the total number of chairs for the table, the number of children and was marked wither "high" or "low" depending on the centerpiece for the table. Everything "loose" for the table went into the box: tablecloths, candles, kid goodie bags, goblets, candy dishes, and table numbers. The only things that didn't fit in the box were the water bottles and the napkins.

Speaking of water bottles. We had 4 cases of water (120 bottles) to put the custom labels on.

I had already cut them apart from the file that Staples had printed out for me. But some needed a little minor trimming to remove extra white space or smooth a rough cut edge. We had a nice little assembly line: remove printed label, cut new label, glue new label, attach new label. We had then done very quickly. I was very surprised. My only suggestion would be to use extra glue if they will be sitting out in the sun. Some had to be re-glued on the day of the wedding because the sun was heating up the glue too much.

With many projects completed for the day, we settled in for a nice big pasta dinner and some Margaritas to calm my nerves.

Only 1 more day left before the wedding!

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