Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Boo Bash

The day of the party we had some final food prep. We made the pudding mud cups, the mummy dogs, pumpkin P&J pumpkin sandwiches, bone bread sticks, and the candy corn pizza so that is was all fresh for the guests.

We set up our spooky candy buffet.

Made our witches brew

We had everything set up for our guests to arrive just in time for the first ones to arrive.

As the guest entered the kids were able began their crafts. The table was occupied all night. The kids got really creative and even went out side the box to create their own masterpieces.

Most of our guest came in costumes.

The many games kept them well entertained. The cakewalk was a BIG hit, we just kept playing till everyone had won at least once. We also had popcorn relay races, a pumpkin penny pitch, and a pumpkin ring toss. Our last game was bobbing for apples. (Tip: do not fill the tub so the apple floats, this way they don't sink when the kids try to bite them. For older kids it was easier but the younger ones had a hard time so I would hold the apple for them to bite).

It was a very successful night and I so enjoyed my guests having an awesome time. In case you wonder what Mr. Y and I were, we were Hot Dog Vendors and Tucker was our Hot Dog.

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