Friday, September 25, 2009

Countdown: Pedicures

Thursday morning before the wedding (T-minus 2 days!) I woke up, got the kids to school then went to meet my MOH and her mom at the Beauty School to get our pedicures. I wore my bright pink "Bride To Be" sash, since I didn't wear it for the Girl's Night Out.

Yes, we probably could have gone to a nicer more upscale salon, but
#1 - I was cutting my budget left & right so I didn't have the extra money
#2 - MOH and her mom have been going and like the students

Overall, my student did a great job on my pedicure. Unfortunately, they did not have the OPI Blue polish I wanted, so I had to pick a champagne color, I believe it is called fawn.

I asked my student for a flower, so she brought over the little jewels. I spotted yellow and blue, so I had her make a yellow flower with a blue center.

Doesn't it look like a sunflower?

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