Monday, August 17, 2009

Need Dress Help!!

I won't bore you with the details ... but let's just say I was left fighting back tears after my final alteration appointment with my Dolly Dress. Mom says I look beautiful ... right now I just don't FEEL beautiful when I put it on. Mom took a couple more picture. I was really hoping to find my Bridal Glow at this appointment ... but it just didn't come.

To help me feel more comfortable Mom has offered to by me a "reception" dress to change into after we cut the cake. So I can "party" and be more comfortable. We are trying to stay under $100 and trying to stay away from alterations. For my body ... that means I probably need to go strapless. I wear about a size 20 and I would like to keep it under $100.

Any Suggestions?


Tina <3 said...

I will be happy to keep my eye out for you when im browsing. I wish you would have bored me with details.
I have to say i had the opposite experience. I hated it when i picked it up and felt fat and ugly but after my alterations i am inlove once again.
I thought your dress was beautiful and perfect choice. I hope everything works out!! and ill be sure to keep my eye out for you. What are u looking for, for your party dress? color? Length? style? etc.

Tina <3 said...

Still not sure what you are looking for but here are a few i thought you might like based on the vintage style of your gown..I am built like you and so i picked dresses i thought would be flattering on me hahahha I picked short dresses to mimic your wedding dress.
Have you thought of davids bridal? They have a large selection, many colors, (might be pretty to change into a blue dress in the color of your wedding as a fun reception dres- davids bridal color: horizon is similiar to your blue i think) and most dresses are right around $100 and go up to size 26.

I have ordered from newport-news loads of times. Its like victoria secret but cheaper and has bigger sizes....

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