Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DIY: Lantern and LED Trial

The lanterns that mom bought online were a little bit bigger than we expected. We wanted to make sure that they would still be bright enough with the 3 LED Throwies. I sat down and put together 3 LED Throwies with on/off switches. Then I used some thin wire to put them together and hang in the lantern.

I think they look bright enough. I wasn't surprised that the lanterns turned the blueish color. I knew it was gonna happen. The white lights glow more blue then white, just like all the previous brides have mentioned.

I played with my camera settings to try and get a good photo:

To be safe we decided to order another 100 LED's and batteries. They should be here this week. I already have most of the first 100 made up with on/off switches. It really didn't take as much time as I thought it would.

1 comment:

Jeffrey said...

how did you rig up the on/off switches for the throwies?

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