Friday, July 10, 2009

(cup)Cake Table

One of the thing that I really enjoyed about meeting with the potential DOC on Monday is that her questions pointed out some of my planning "holes".

One of those holes is the actual table for my cupcakes. She gave me homework: look at cake and cupcake tables. So that is what I have been doing. It is hard! So many times you just get close ups of the cake .... not the whole table. Here is what I have found that I like so far:



Obviously I like the staggered heights and mismatched stands and platters. I did some ebay searches, but anything I liked was outside of my budget. Then I did a search for DIY Cake Stands and found this cake stand tutorial. You are only bound by the plate and glass you choose!



I know I have some mismatched glasses up in my cupboard, but no extra plates. I think a trip to Goodwill is in the plans tonight! Hopefully I can find some clear glass plates and maybe some of those blue glass jars I have been hunting for.

As for the skirting on the table, I think simple will be best.
The underlighting idea is cool. I do have some icicle lights from Christmas I could try to use.


I also love the "Love is Sweet" or "We Do" that I have seen on dessert and cake tables. I have altered those wooden letters before so I can either do that or make a sign. At this point in the game (and my budget) I am trying to use items on hand as much as possible.

How did you decorate your cake table? Did you have a plan or did it just get set up by someone?

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Becky said...

hi! linked to you from another blog! we had a cupcake "tree" at our wedding and it was awesome. we didn't want the traditional cake, but my husband insisted that we have something, so that's the direction we went. we have several very crafty people in our family, so we bought a giant cardboard cupcake tree from better homes and gardens magazine i think! this was in 2003 before they started becoming very popular - it was the only place we could find one! so, they decorated it with flowers and ribbons, and our caterer filled it with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. it was awesome. :) so much easier than cake, no where near as messy and it fit our very low key theme!

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