Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Open House in a Small City

Here in our "not a small town, not yet a big city" there have not been any bridal events in at least a year or so. While lots of people get married in town, there just doesn't seem to be a "bridal industry" here. A new event planning business in town is trying to help stir up this small city.

Last Friday Laurie of Circle The Date put together a Bridal Open House at the Holiday Inn. Mr B, Little A and Miss G came with me. There was about 20+ various vendors. Since we have a lot of friendors already there really wasn't much for us, but I did take some pictures:

out front, the kids really wanted to get in the limo, Mr B wants to rent it for his bachelor party

Miss G checking out the candy buffet that Circle The Date set up.

This looks like my idea of a fun bachelorette party!

cute little Petite Fours by Sweet Tooth

Little A and Miss G grabbing a few Jordan Almonds in the Ta Da Boutique booth.

Laurie also set up a few adorable tablescapes, this was my favorite:

I was also introduced to a new photographer that I didn't know in town. Her booth was SUPER cute and I have already added her blog to my google reader. Her name is Kim Garcia. Go take a look ... I'll wait!
back?? Ok great! Did you see this photo from her booth:

I need to figure out how she did this .... it was AMAZING!

Want to see more pictures from the show? Take a peak at Laurie's website

Have you attended any Bridal Events during your engagement? Did you meet a lot of vendors or just go for the wedding porn?

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