Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black & White Bachelorette

My friend, the "Black & White Bride" is rapidly approaching her wedding day of May 22nd. In preparation some girlfriends from church and I will be living it up PJ style this weekend. It will be our toned down (no strippers, no penis straws) version of a bachelorette party.

I am not the official hostess with the mostess, but I am helping her out in the mojo department. Here is the plan so far:

Meet at the B&W Bride's home after Saturday night service at our church (most of us will have attended this service)

Change into PJ's!!


Then head out to dinner ... yes, a dinner in public in our pajamas. I think all of us will have tasteful pj's and since we are going to get a sash & tiara for the bride it should be pretty obvious we are out to party LOL.


Then we will head back to the B&W Bride's house for some fun & games and of course a wedding movie.

I need some help though, we need more "clean" fun games to play. If you have a great idea or you played a fabulous game PLEASE leave me a comment. Thanks!


Krista said...

My bridesmaids had a fabulous game at my shower. It was called "The Hunkiest Guy" or something like that. We all got a balloon and a pin. We had to pop the balloon. Inside each balloon was a folded up picture of a "hunk". Then we had to compare to see who was the "hunkiest". My mom had George Clooney, Wade's mom had Kiefer Sutherland, there was Brad Pitt, and Ryan Reynolds ... and a picture of my fiance was inside my friend's balloon. It was silly, but kinda fun!

Krista said...

Oh, and there was the toilet paper wedding dress. More of a shower game. And what else did we play? I made a list of items I was going to pack on my honemoon (all PG items, I swear!) and everyone had to guess. That was fun, too. I kept their lists because they had things I didn't think of. For example, I didn't put down camera. (Duh.) Or rain jacket. (Double-duh.)

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