Tuesday, May 12, 2009

4 months to go

ACK .... that's all I have to say about that! I refuse to look at the KNOT's check list for me. Most doesn't apply to our wedding anyway. But getting the email was still a little bit of a wake up call. The email says I should book our honeymoon. Guess I should actually start that. Of course our location, Disneyland, doesn't make the Knot's Top 100 Hot Spots.

Do the email reminders you get from random wedding sites snap you into reality, scare you or do you blow them off?

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Sweet Lorraine said...

I'm not sure when I last opened an e-mail from The Knot or the Wedding Channel. Whenever I last did, it was probably because something about the title of the e-mail amused me, and I was hoping there was something to poke fun of within the e-mail contents. I've become quite the little wedding industry cynic, I'm afraid.

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