Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dress Shopping

I know, I know ... I already posted that I bought my dress. I realize this, but I started getting a little nervous. You see ... I bought my dress sight unseen. Without trying it on! Without physically seeing or touching a dress made by this person. People thought I was CRAZY! Then I started to think I was crazy ... Then I started to get worried.

What does a worried bride do?? She calls the closest David's Bridal and makes an appointment. Why?? In hopes that she can try on dresses that will at least LOOK like the dress she has purchased sight unseen to calm her fears. So that is what I did. I felt a little bad going since I had no intention of buying a dress there. Then I remembered all the David's Bridal posts from previous bloggers. They are not a small little boutique that closes down for each bride. They have MASS amounts of dress in a wide array of sizes. As another blogger posted, they are the Wal-Mart of Bridal Salons. Do you feel bad walking out of Wal-Mart empty handed? Nope, me neither. I pushed those concerns aside and scheduled my appointment for the next time I would be taking my kids over to see their dad.

So last Friday after I dropped my kids off with their dad, I headed to David's Bridal in La Mesa in hopes of trying on at least ONE of these dresses:

Oleg Cassini

David's Bridal Collection

David's Bridal Collection

David's Bridal Collection

and my favorite:


You may have noticed a common theme among the dresses, until you reached my favorite. Let me explain. The top 4 dresses are all v-necks and have tank style sleeves. That is the bodice of the dress I ordered. I wanted to make sure that the girls would stay in place (if you know what I mean). The rest of the details on those dresses are basically worthless too me. I tried to explain that to the bridal consultant, but I don't think she really understood.

That brings me to my favorite dress ... the Galina! If David's Bridal made the Galina tea length dress with a tank style v-neck bodice I would have bought it. I knew I wanted a short dress since I saw Mrs. Shortcake's post on WeddingBee. (I wasn't browsing WeddingBee back then, I came across it while I was reading back in her posts LOL) What is very disappointing is that David's Bridal only stocks select gowns in the larger sizes. The biggest size they had of the Galina in stock was a size 14 .... yeah, not gonna work for this plus size girl.

The first dress I tried on was the ONLY dress in my size from my original list. GRRR.

David's Bridal Collection

You will have to excuse the photo quality. It is hard to be the one behind the camera if you are trying on dresses so a friend took these. I edited them the best I could, and cropped out my head to reduce the double chins and weird expressions I had.

I did actually love the neckline. The v-neck wasn't too low and didn't expose the girls too much as all. I wasn't crazy about how tight it was under the bust, even though it did give me a very defined waist. Hopefully that won't be a problem in my actual gown.

Since this was the first wedding dress I have tried on since I got married the first time it was VERY odd. Especially once the lady put a veil on me. I started to have mini flashbacks and almost wanted to be done with the appointment then and there. I stuck it out and picked the next dress to try on.

It was not one I had originally seen online, but it was in the store in my size, so I tried it on.

Style 9T9717

The modest panels may work for some, but not for me. I quickly unsnapped them to see the true line of the v-neck.

This one was cut higher and I defintely decided that I liked the 1st one better. I really didn't like the ruching on the side of the dress. It didn't hide my belly at all, in fact I felt like it emphasised it. Not a good thing at all.

I then tried on a halter style sheath dress

This fabric clung to all the wrong parts. I would have to be knee to bra in restrictive undergarments if I wore this style. No Thanks.

Next was actually a strapless dress ... that I hated. I hated it so much I wouldn't allow my friend to take a picture.

I think it was about then that the consultant's manger came over to check on us. I have seen enough "Say Yes To The Dress" to know that she was trying to save a possible sale. My biggest objection to every dress was that they were not tea length. The one tea length dress they had in the store wasn't my size. They brought it over and I held it up while wearing a bridesmaid outfit to "feel the style"

See that cheesy smile? Yeah, I knew at that point that I was gonna love my Dolly Couture dress. Only about a month and a half until my dress should arrive. I can barely wait to try it on for the first time and have that cheesy smile yet again for the real thing!

Did you buy your wedding dress sight unseen?


melissa said...

I know that you will love your Dolly dress and the V-neck will be very flattering. I think the key with ordering a sight unseen dress is to get it altered to fit your body exactly, that is probably the key to make any dress look perfect.

Tina <3 said...

I am no stylist but i want to calm your worries and after reading this post and seeing your pics i am VERY confidant you are going to look amazing. The v-neck bodice completely compliments your shape and the tea length i think makes people look thinner. I am so excited to see your dress and i cant wait to see it. good job!

Krista said...

Wow ... that's too funny that the manager came over.

I think you'll be happy with the v-neck dresses. It's a very flattering cut on most women, and is definitely advantageous for allowing "supportive bras" to remain unseen!

Can't wait for you to show what the dress looks like in a month and a half!

liza said...

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