Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting Beautiful

For our engagement pictures yesterday I went and had my hair and make-up done (of course).

Tammy has been doing my hair since 2004, when she and her family moved to town from Orange County. We met at church in the nursery, our youngest daughters are only about a month apart in age and our older children are about 6 months apart. After a few conversations Tammy and I started talking about my hair. I had been DIY my hair color (not a good thing) and so she invited me out to her house to fix it up. Tammy had worked at a very high end salon in Orange County and had done hair shows and demos, she had even been a rep for a major brand of hair products. She had more credentials than anyone that has ever done my hair. She has officially been my go to stylist since then. She now has a salon at her home. It is a great little studio that her husband built for her.

Thursday morning I woke up, took a shower and didn't do anything else with my hair or make-up. I took a picture on my way out to Tammy's so you can all see me "before"

I literally gave her no directions. She asked me what I wanted and I gave a few vague answers "Make my skin tone even"
"Take care of my horrid dark circles"
"Hide a couple chin pimple/zit/red spots"

This is her makeup station in action, I love all her MAC brushes!

She uses all MAC product and wow does she have a lot. She did write down what she used so we will know for the future. I wish I had got a list because I might be tempted to get me some MAC now.

For my hair it was a similar story ... I just wanted it to be down and natural. I LOVED how she did my bangs but I though the ends looks a little straight. Normally I have a little bit more "flip" on the ends. It looks great it the photos though so I guess I can't complain. I know for sure that my hair won't be that style for the wedding.

Ready for the after??

I really loved my eyes. It took a while to get a good photo of them and the photo below was actually taken AFTER our photo shoot. The make-up held up really well and it never felt "heavy" or "greasy" like other brands have felt.

I can't wait to show you the engagement photos. Right now all I have is a printed out contact sheet of our 10 favorite poses. We started with about 58 shots from her garden & main street (we didn't head to the river after all). To get it down to 10 was hard but Jill doesn't mess around with keeping the "outtakes" she uses that delete button LOL. I am scanning the contact sheets right now so hopefully you can all help me decide which ones we want to order & use for our save the dates.

What do you think? Are these eyes "wedding worthy"?

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