Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hair Dye Double Take

We all love a good Hair pinstrosity, right? Well my daughter and I did a little experimenting back in April. Here is our story...  

A little back story, my daughter has been friends/classmates with a wonderful little girl named Maureen since kindergarten. In March Maureen was rushed to the Children's Hospital and was diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia. Less than 2 weeks later she passed away from complications from an infection. The school organized a "wear blue" week in honor of Maureen leading up to her memorial.  My daughter wanted to go an extra step.

She wanted blue hair!!  

I had no idea how to do this so I turned to Pinterest.  I found a few different ways to dye hair, but I wanted a non-permanent option. I decided to try this pin:

The blog post showed nice easy directions - I even had everything on hand!! Score a Use It Up challenge as well!!  I used a hotel sized bottle of white conditioner & a bottle of blue food coloring. I even pre cut my foil into easy to use sheets like my hairstylist uses. 
Inline image 1

Mixing it up seemed to go okay, just like the steps on the blog. 
Inline image 2Inline image 3

I put a towel over my daughters shoulders and my lap. Divided up her hair in sections so I could easily apply the mixture. I foiled each section. I thought it looked a little light, but I figured the blue would show up with her blond hair so it didn't need to be too dark.
Inline image 4

I continued on until her whole head was foiled. Following the blog's instructions we let her sleep in them over night. I wrapped her head in a scarf and then put a knit cap over it so that nothing would fall out and possibly stain her new sheets. 
Inline image 5
The next morning she jumped out of bed (a rare occurrence for her) and we took out the foil for the big reveal. 

Not bad!!  
Inline image 6 Inline image 7

The last step of the blog said to rinse but not to use shampoo. My daughter put her hair over the edge of the tub and I watched all the blue rinse away down the drain. OH NO!!!! It was Monday morning, less than an hour before school.  No time to run to the beauty store and buy blue dye (if they even have it) and I am about to have a very disappointed daughter when she realizes that this pin was just BUSTED!  No color remained in her hair at all!

I didn't even have that much blue food coloring left, some but not a lot.  In a hail mary pass I put the ends of her hair in the bowl and put the blue food dye directly on her hair with the help of my handy dandy sponge brush. I had no idea if this was going to work, if the dye would stain everything or be permanent. All I knew is my daughter wanted blue hair and it had to be this morning. 
Inline image 8

To lessen the chance of having blue food coloring everywhere I went ahead and blow dried her hair.  It seemed to seal the majority of the color onto her hair.  It did have a nice effect. 
Inline image 9Inline image 10

It lasted the week that she wanted it too. She was turning a little smurf-esk by the end of the week, but she didn't ruin any clothes at least.  The night of the memorial when we got home she took a bath, we all laughed at the results.
Inline image 11

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