Saturday, April 3, 2010


How to Dye Easter Eggs ... our way LOL

Step One: Boil Eggs

We had a minor incident on the drive over to my parent's house that resulted in a few cracked eggs. (Stupid teenage driver trying to whip a u-turn in front of me) So we ended up with 27 eggs total. I didn't want to mess them up so I followed a recipe/directions from Tasty Kitchen. Yes, I needed a recipe to boil eggs. I failed never took Home Economics.

Step Two: Set Up

I covered the new butcher block island so Dad wouldn't freak out if the dye got spilled. I did a layer of parchment paper and then a layer of paper towels. The set out the plastic cups to get the dye ready.

Step Three: Prepare the Dye

Went to the cupboard to grab the vinegar. There was none. OPPS #2! A quick call to my parent's and they said they would pick it up on the way home. Mom also told me to switch out the plastic cups and use her white mugs.

Step Three (take two): Prepare the Dye

The box had said 9 colors but there was 12 tablets. I guess we bought the pack with the "Bonus Neon Colors"

Step Four: Make a Mess Dye the Eggs

Step Five: Admire Our Creations

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~K~ said...

Fabulous!! I love the polka dot eggs! (And don't worry...I had 6 different types of vinegar in my wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, balsamic, and on and on...and NO plain white vinegar!

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