Friday, November 6, 2009

Home is Where the Heart Is: We Rehearse (part 2)

Now that the photographer had arrived and my Dad had changed his clothes, it was time to get this show on the road. Mr. B was still not in the mood to rehearsal, but rehearse we did.

The DOC arranged us at the arch (I really should have worn my spanx - oh well)

I had forgot to bring my rehearsal bouquet from my shower, and used a single sunflower instead. I tried to cheer Miss G up by letting her hold it.

We practiced how to stand during the Sand ceremony, and Mr. B made sure he had the shade of blue he wanted.

Then we practiced the end of the ceremony and how we would be standing for when he pronounced us man & wife. Mr B and I seem to be really concentrating on something the Pastor is saying. Miss G is starting to wilt again and Little A is just in his own little world LOL

At this point the Pastor had given the "You may now kiss your bride" but Mr. B joked around and we shook hands instead.

Then the DOC had us walk out and get in place to walk in. Doing this part in reverse seemed to work really well. Everyone knew where they were supposed to be when the walked in. I would recommend it for anyone else not sure how to run their rehearsal.

Little A & Miss G walked out:

Mr. B & I walked out:

Once we all got to our starting positions the DOC had us start from the beginning. Because I had chosen to walk out by myself, my parent's walked out together:

Mr B took his place with the Pastor

Little A entered, with Miss G's pomader instead of his ring flower LOL

A tired Miss G entered empty handed

Then I made my entrance. I thought this moment would be awkward, but it really wasn't.

Our honored guests looked on as we rehearsed, anxious for food I am sure!

I have very few pictures of the rest of the evening. The kids got in to pool, Dad went into the kitchen to finish up our BBQ dinner (Ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob) and my DOC, MOH and I rushed to finish the seating labels for the water bottles. Looking back I REALLY wish that I had thrown out that project since it wasn't working, but I was determined LOL.

I do have a picture of my dad's cousin and Mr B taking a break in one of the seating areas!

Honestly, there was still so many little details to finish that my mind was swirling. The lights in the paper lanterns were flickering. I hadn't made my bouquet. I still hadn't picked up the Seating Chart sign from Staples. I also had not done laundry all week or packed a bag for myself and the kids for the wedding night. To top it off Mr. B's car had broke down and he was having to borrow vehicles and rely on others to help him get his last minute details done.

I had been making myself lists all week, but I kept forgetting to put things on the lists. I think that is one of the downfalls of being a DIY bride and having a DIY family. There just isn't anyone else to call to get the job done, so you have to get it done.

When I got home, my mind was still swirling and I had a hard time falling asleep. I think I played Bejewelled on Facebook until almost midnight!

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Anonymous said...

seriously loving the sunflowers girl! beautiful! Hope your having a great weekend! = )

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