Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home is Where the Heart Is: Little Snafus

The morning of the wedding as a little chaotic, so I guess it is a good thing I woke up early. I got a phone call from my mom around 7:30 am. There had been a slight snafu with some of the linens from the rental company. They were the right color, but the wrong length. ARGH

In case you can't tell ... the ivory overlay is longer than the blue tablecloth. Yea, that is not how it had been planned. I made a call to the rental company, but those are the largest royal blue rounds they have. I had been given the wrong dimensions since day one when I reserved them. Not much we could do at this point. The overlays had been purchased, not rented so we couldn't just swap out for smaller ivory overlays. We also couldn't just take off the ivory, because the napkins were royal blue. It was a minor snafu and I didn't hear a complaint from a single guest, so I guess nobody noticed once they sat down. I was running on schedule (or so I though). I had to drop Mr. B off at my parent's house, since his car had broken down on Thursday. I took a minute to check in with my fabulous friends setting up the tables, then took off to go pick up MOH.

I am SO thankful for my girls that did all the set up while I was off getting pretty. It was over 100 degrees that day, and most of the set up happened when the yard was mostly sunny. I don't think it would have all got done ANY other way. Here are my girls checking out their hard work on the tables.

Mom got back from her hair appointment and got to work as well putting together our very blue "Family" table. It wasn't a sweetheart table because the kids sat with us, but it felt silly calling it a head table when it was only the 4 of us and in the center of all the other tables. Mom had rented 4 of the gold chivari chairs for us. I had painted a 'T' the royal blue color not knowing that the tablecloth was blue. I should have used the champange gold color instead. See those toasting glasses? Mom had bought us beautiful ones from Pier 1, but they broke in the bag from the store. She found these replacements at the Dollar Tree!

Then she started setting up the food tent.

Then the girls went and helped out:

The yard was looking pretty much like I envisioned by this point. The tables were set, the lanterns were up and if it wasn't for the sun & wind the girls job would have been done out here.

I was told at a much later date, that the custom labels on the water bottles caused a little bit of trouble. I guess glue and the hot sun don't mix very well. The labels kept falling off and they girls had to keep re-gluing them on the bottles.

They did a great job getting them all reattached, because I didn't see any falling off when I got back from getting my hair done.

(all pictures courtesy of my Aunt & Uncle)
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