Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Wedding: Seating Areas

One of the other little touches that I had seen at other home/backyard/outdoor weddings was little seating areas. Mom already had a few areas around the yard, we just moved them around and gave them a "face lift" for the wedding.

Area #1
This is a nice little area right behind where we had the ceremony. It is next to the mom made beach. Mom got some new cushions and Mr. B washed away the cobwebs and put up new lights.

Area #2
These chairs and table usually sit up on the deck, by the TV on the porch. This was right where the ceremony would be and where the bar was going to be set up during the reception. Mom bought new cover and pillows for the chairs and moved the area onto the grass. We picked this location so that the guests would not try to walk off the pathway and end up falling.

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