Friday, October 23, 2009

Boo Bash: The Work Begins

Planning a party takes organization. After I search and search, and search some more it is time to put the ideas into action. Creating samples along the way really help. Last week I wanted to see how the Candy Corn pizza would work so on my Grandma Day the kids and I gave it a try. It was pretty easy. I used pre-made pizza crust from Albertson's. After brushing the crust with olive oil it was time to create it. So Simple! One thing I plan to do different for the party is a larger center of the mozzarella. Also, since my grandson can't eat much cheese I will make a special plain pepperoni pizza for him.

Next was to get the supplies together for the scarecrow. All of the pieces are cut and ready for the kids to do their craft. I have also decided to have available paper plates to make a pumpkin.

Onto some decorations. I loved the idea of the chair covers. I had bought some cheap white pillow cases for my daughter's wedding but they did not fit the cushions I had planned to cover. Instead of taking them back I used them to create the Ghost chair covers.

Then while sitting outside relaxing, I spotted one of my stools and I thought ... why not! So the stools at the island also got covered. I love how they came out.

These are an old favorite and have been making them since my kids were little. Even when they got older, I still made the for the little trick or treaters.

As it gets closer I will share more of the party prep. This weekend my daughter is coming over and we will make the Nutterbuter Ghosts and Witch's Wands.

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