Monday, June 1, 2009

Dancing the night away

At the wedding Saturday night I was inspired to think about our first dance, yet again. Unlike most couples we don't have a song that is "our song." We have actually never even danced together. Yes we have played around and swayed to music in the living room ... but we are not club people and Mr. B hasn't danced with me at either of the weddings he attended with me.

Saturday night as I watched the happy couple sway to a beautiful song my mind began to wonder. It wondered back to all those You Tube videos I have watched. Ones like this:

I think these "surprise" dances can be a LOT of fun. Are they work? Heck yes! I have never heard the guests in the background of the video not laughing and enjoying the show though.

When I first brought up the idea Mr. B was kind of on board, but then got cold feet because he is not a dancer. Enter option #2 in the "surprise dance" category.

The evolution of dance!
If you watch most of the time the groom does very little actual "dancing" during the songs. I think I have Mr. B about 90% convinced. Not sure if I can get him the other 10% or not. I probably won't talk about this "surprise" aspect just in case any of our guests come across our blog. I want it to be a true surprise.

I also have a few other surprises for the dances that evening, but one is a VERY big surprise so I am not even gonna mention it. The second I may share with you later ... guess you will just have to wait and see.

Do you think having a "surprise" dance element is too over the top or cheesy??

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Snowflake said...

I really wanted to do something like this, but he doesn't :( He thinks it's too much work.

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