Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a Week!

This week has thrown me into a whirlwind. Some wedding related, some kid related, some family related. Let's start with the BEST news ....

My Dress is on the way to ME! I am tracking her and she is currently in Colorado. I think I decided on a name, but I want to wait to put her on before I officially give her a name. I am sure she will speak to me!

In kid related new my son has Fifth Disease. We think the first signs started before we went to the Nascar Race. He had a track and field day at school, so we thought it was just an allergic grass rash. I gave him some meds and we headed off to the races. Well this weekend while I was getting ready to leave the bridal shower (more on that in the next post) my mom called to tell me the rash was back. I didn't go away so I took him today to get an official diagnosis. Fifth disease is not contagious once the rash appears and shouldn't cause any discomfort. It can last up to 3 weeks though. Keep my Little A in your thoughts and prayers.

As I just mentioned I attended a Bridal Shower this weekend for a really close friend. She is getting married in May and is having a black and white wedding. I can't wait to see it! We have been talking wedding for quite a while now. Our weddings have a lot of similarities. She is marring a man that already has a daughter. She opted to have her younger (much younger) neices as her wedding party. We attend the same church and we are using a few of the same vendors. They are also doing a DIY dinner and has offered to share her chaffing dishes and serving bowls with us. We are also using the same lady for our decorating, set up and clean-up.

On the home front I found out on Friday that my landlords are re-financing the house, so it will need to be appraised sometime this week. Sounds like the perfect time for a Spring Cleaning to me! Mr B and I have been busily cleaning my house, and shampooing the carpets in preparation. While we were at it we rearranged my living room and my bedroom. I will post the before and after's because it is a HUGE difference.

Stay tuned for the next post .... the Black & White Bridal Shower!!!

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