Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wedding Inspiration on TV

As I was writing my last post a new TV show came on TLC that I flipped on to watch. It is called Cake Boss and is about a Buddy Valastro and his bakery. In the first episode he got a call from Bride's Magazine to make a cake for a photo shoot. The cake was divine. I can't find a picture of it online anywhere, but imagine a White fondant cake, black piping and anemones ... seriously it was TO DIE FOR!

In my search for his cake to show off here are some other anemone cakes. If you are having a black & white wedding this is the cake to have:


Have you found any new sources for wedding inspiration?


august15bride said...

I'm watching this show RIGHT NOW!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Here's one of the cakes:

I loved that episode!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it should be photo #5

Anonymous said...

The other two should be #8 and #9 but they don't have the flowers on them yet.

Anonymous said...

What size are each layer of the 3 cakes and how many people does it feed? Please email me at THANKS!!!

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