Monday, April 20, 2009

Dolly Dress: She needs a name

I am facebook friends with the designer making my custom wedding dress, Dolly Couture. Every few days or so she posts new pictures of the custom dresses she is working on. Today when I was checking my facebook account I saw that she had uploaded a new photo. That is when I saw her ...

My Dress!

She isn't done yet. The dotted petticoat is not what will be under mine. Plus my petticoat will not protrude from under my dress like this one does. I love her already. Now she needs a name. Something fun & flirty, and classically 50's. I found a few options of popular 1950's names. Which one do you like?


Did you name your dress??


Tina <3 said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! When i saw "her" i thought betty!

melissa said...

I saw this on FB yesterday and thought it was yours. I named my dress Dolly. This one looks like a Bonnie to me! Super cute.

Kelly W. said...

Ohh beautiful!!!

CAROLYN!! Love that name! It's very classic and classy.. Like your DRESS!!

Amber Lynn said...

That's a Peggy. I thought it before I saw it on your list!

Jaedyn said...

I think its a Peggy as well :)! Its absolutely gorgeous Amber!!

Sarah said...

Your dress is gorgeous!! Love it!

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