Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our E-Pics are here!!!

Not just the scanned proofs either, I got the disc today! Let me know what you think, which one is your favorite. Right now I need to pick one to use on our STDs (more to come on that I am working on the design right now)

As you can see I mainly wore the blue shirt. I just wasn't as comfortable in the brown and I think the blue give the photos more life. All photos are copyrighted to the FABULOUS Jill at Jill's Fine Photography.


Anonymous said...

I really, REALLY like the last picture as an STD. ~Samantha

nicole said...

You are so pretty!!!!! Your profile pic doesn't do you justice. And yall look wonderful as a couple. I like the first or next to last for the STD

Krista said...

I love your blue shirt. The engagement photos look great! How long did it take to do the session?

Krista said...

P.S. For the STDs, I like # 2 or 3.

Bobby Earle said...

Awwww... cute!


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