Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Necessary Room

When planning a wedding at home there are things that you don't immediately think of that will actually be VERY necessary at the wedding.

I knew that I needed to rent tables and chairs, supply glassware, dinnerware & silverware. I had even taken the lighting into consideration. What I had not factored into my budget or my thinking was bathrooms. OOPS!

I actually didn't think of it on my own either, I was reading an article on The Knot about home weddings and that was when I realized I needed to make some calls.

You'll want to account for three bathroom trips per guest. Most septic tanks can't handle that many flushes, so portable bathrooms are a must. A general rule of thumb is to have one bathroom for every 35 guests. Keep in mind that your guests will need a place to wash their hands and do a mirror check, so keep the area well lit. Upscale portable bathrooms are now available that have lighting, sinks, heated water, and even air-conditioning. Don't forget to make them even more home-like by including an amenity basket filled with hair spray, tampons, Band-Aids, and breath mints in the ladies' room.

Not the most fun aspect of the wedding to plan for that is for sure. There didn't seem to be any listed in our local yellow pages, so I turned to the internet. In my search I found a select few in Arizona.
The first company I called was All American Waste Services, Inc. They seem to have a wide variety of styles. I think if we went with them it would be one of these two styles:


Not very pretty option, but at least the blue goes with the color scheme LOL.

Next on my list to call was Pretty Potty's. They have "luxury" restrooms with flushable toilets and pedestal sinks in the model I was pricing. Look at the difference:

The downside to this company is the price (3x more than the 1st company) and they are "lifted" which could be difficult for some of our guests.

Last on my list to call was Royal Restrooms. I have not actually received his quote yet so I am not sure how he compares to the other companies and I can't figure out how to show you his pictures (they are PDF brochures). His look to be a step above the Pretty Potty's so I am sure the price tag will be higher as well.

Since we will probably (okay definitely) use the first company I need to think about how to make them pretty. I did some google searching and found a few ideas. I also came across an Off Beat Bride article. The comments on the article actually had some of the best pictures.

First up - greenery camouflage
Can you find the potty in this picture?? I am not sure a game of "find the potty" is a good idea for guests that need to "go".


Thye seem like a good idea but this bride says it was a bad combination. Strike this off the list. No flaming porta-potties please.


This option seems a little bit nicer, the canopy covering the area, a little table with a bathroom basket (I am sure) and a chair to sit in.


Now let's put it all together:

This bride just took it one extra step ... I Love It!! The green plants, the table, multiple chairs. This "bathroom" rivals any fancy schmancy hotel bathroom, that's for sure! Look close on the bathroom doors too ... the "mens" has pictures of the groom, the "ladies" has pictures of the bride ... too cute!! I think I might use the kids picture instead since they are SO much cuter than Mr. B & I LOL.

Let me know what you think. Am I going overboard and over thinking how to decorate the porta-potties?? Would you, as a guest, feel more comfortable using them if they were camoflauged into the decor?


Krista said...

Oh, I totally like the idea. It's just that much nicer to have a pretty entry. Portapotties are gross, so that definitely jazzes it up.

Oh, and have lots of hand sanitizer if you don't have a sink. Lots.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

so many options! lol

Hilary Kimbel said...

This looks awesome! I have actually been interesting about learning more about local disposal and recycling services. Have you ever heard of Hoving Recycling and Disposal Inc? They seemed to have some good tips. This is their website:

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