Monday, March 30, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Mr. B now has a suit!

We were not planning on making this purchase this weekend, but he saw a sale ad for Kohl's that interested him in the newspaper. Friday night after dinner and before our movie we stopped in. The color was perfect, the fit was fantastic and the price was just right.

that is my dress swatch on the jacket

Mr B trying on the coat in the aisle

wait ... that sign says "vest"

I looked all around and there wasn't any vests on any of the racks. We called over an employee, who then called his manager, to tell us that our store didn't have the vest. BUMMER

Being the smart shopper that I am I knew I could look online. We walked out without making a purchase, but not before I snapped a few pictures of the suit with a shirt & tie that I found.

That night after our movie (which was really good .... go see Knowing) I went to and found the suit separates:


I noticed online that the prices were now 55% off now because of a special Saturday Sale they were having. They had his size vest, but not the jacket. I decided to just grab the vest online and we made plans to head to Kohl's first thing Saturday morning to get the jacket and pants.

I made him try on both the pants and the coat to be sure that everything fit.

doesn't he look so handsome!

While over at the racks I noticed that the shirts and ties were also 55% off so I grabbed them as well and we headed to the register.

The grand total for his whole Wedding Day attire was less than $300! Woo Hoo!

When I got home I whipped out the box of his brand new Royal Blue Converse to be sure the blues matched.

yep they do!

Now we have 2 done, 2 more to go. I think the kids outfits will be harder to find. I am still searching for child size Royal Blue low top Converse. If you have seen any will you link me up. Thanks!

Did your groom buy a suit or wear a tux?

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Jenn said...

He looks so handsome! And tolerant - fiance never lets me take pictures of him. :) I love that color combo of the shirt and suit. Nice work!

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