Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A little about me

As you can see from the name of this blog I have 2 kids. They are wonderful, and adorable, and the loves of my life (sorry Mr.B). These 2 wonderful children are the best things that I have from my first marriage. See how cute they are:

(A's 7th birthday in January)

For a long time it was just the three of us. Their Dad left before my youngest was even born. The three of us have lived in the same little condo, in the same wonderful desert town almost 5 years now.

After I had my daughter I stumbled on a new hobby I found online called "Digital Scrapbooking" and got my first digital camera. I read online tutorials and taught myself Photoshop and pretty soon I was making scrapbook pages. It was SO cool and I was making new online friends as well. I still enjoy my scrapbooking time 4+ years later. I have a large gallery and now I combine the digital with traditional and I create Hybrid projects. You will see more evidence of this in the future. It is how I plan to DIY a lot of my wedding shtuff.

I also LOVE movies and TV shows. I can't just pick one favorite movie. I pick a different movie each time someone asks. I have developed a nice collection of "chick flicks," dramas and comedies. I am now working on collecting my favorite TV series on DVD. I am a sucker for popular mainstream TV shows: Lost, Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor, Private Practice, House. It seems like whenever I like a new series it gets cancelled, like October Road and The Starter Wife. Every now and then a good show gets to come back, like Scrubs. But that isn't too often. So I stick to the popular ones and I am never disappointed.

I also discovered that I like to shop LOL. I have a horrible habit of buy stuff with the intention of using for some DIY project or another, I just never get around to it. It makes for lots of "stuff" in the condo, which Mr. B is not too fond of.

Let's see I am also a Diet Coke a-holic. I drink about 2-3 44oz fountain drinks a day. I tell myself it isn't THAT much soda because I completely fill the cups with ice before I fill up. My second bad habit is chewing ice which I am SURE my dentist would hate. I also love the color purple and my favorite flowers are sunflowers. I love the weather in Arizona most of the time, even in the summer when it is 120+ I just jump into the pool. It beats the snow that other people get in the Winter, that's for sure!

What are some of your favorite things?

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